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Wedding photo shoot

If you are serious about preparing for the celebration, then your wedding day will be scheduled in minutes. A meeting of the guests, a ceremony, a buffet reception, a banquet ... The photoshoot will also be held in an atmosphere of haste, and you will be worried about how to involve all the guests in it or at least not let them get bored. And why not arrange filming before the ceremony and without guests? We know 4 good reasons to do just that.


You can enjoy your first meeting.

If you are going to traditionally not see the night before the wedding, your morning meeting is definitely worth paying more attention to. And 5 crumpled minutes in the presence of guests with a quick hug and a couple of shots is not quite what you need. You surely want to enjoy each other's festive look, consider every detail of the image, say gentle words to each other and generally spend time alone? A photoshoot in the first look style will make your meeting 100% romantic.


You will be able to calm down and relax.

You will already have enough reasons to worry. The longing for the ceremony will not add courage and enthusiasm, so in the photo from the registration you may look more intense than you would like. Miami wedding photographers assure: the relaxed and happy look of lovers, which is sometimes so difficult to achieve during the shooting, turns out by itself if the couple meets in the morning, before the ceremony without haste and in a calm atmosphere. So, if a tight smile does not suit you, this is another argument for a photo shoot before registering.


You can make family portraits in daylight.

If your ceremony is scheduled for the afternoon, the light will no longer be so bright. In this case, it will be right to arrange a photo shoot to the solemn part, so that you have more time for family portraits in daylight. By the way, it can be combined with a welcome cocktail to take pictures of guests as well.


You will still look at each other in a new way at the ceremony.

Some couples are afraid that, having seen each other before registration, they will meet without much enthusiasm at the altar. Many dream of magical shots of a swooning bridegroom with delight, which is unlikely to happen if the groom spends the morning with the bride.


However, there is one way to surprise your beloved, even if you had a photo shoot in the morning: change something in your image. You can take pictures without a bouquet, veils and tiaras, ask the makeup artist to do softer makeup for the morning and add colors to it right before the ceremony, or even wear a more modest dress for the photo shoot.


In any case, even if you do not change anything, and the groom sees you in the morning, at the ceremony you will look at each other in a completely different way. You will swear oaths, exchange rings, probably shed tears from the sincere speech of the registrar and realize that now you have become a husband and wife. It’s impossible to hide such emotions!