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Engagement Photography Photo Session: 6 STYLISH IDEAS FOR TWO

It is also called pre-wedding  photography of a couple.

Lovers book a engagement photo shoot some time before the wedding to evaluate the work of the photographer, choose successful poses, get used to the camera, etc. This will be a good experience for couples who haven’t shared professional photos.


How should the preparations for the engagement photo shoot go?


  • Concept selection

Before the photo shoot, it’s worth agreeing with the photographer about the location of the shoot: will it be a photo in the park, near city attractions, will additional scenery be needed, and more. The idea of ​​photographing also matters, because many couples want to capture the history of dating or offers.

  • Image selection

What you will wear during the shooting should be discussed in advance. Lovers are encouraged to harmonize in the frame and meet the surrounding conditions: if engagement photo session takes place in a park, then it is better to choose casual clothes, and for studio shooting, something homely and cozy is better. Many couples choose stylized images for the love story photo shoot to get original photos.

  • Work with a stylist

To successfully turn out in photographs and feel more confident in front of the camera, you can sign up with a stylist. But do not choose too bright makeup and do Hollywood styling - your image should be natural only if you are not doing a photo session in any style.


Top 6 photo shoot ideas for two


  1. Engagement photoshoot  in nature


Such a shooting does not require any special preparation: you will not need to worry about the scenery. The main thing is to choose a beautiful location. You can use your favorite pet in the photo shoot so that the photos look like a picture from the life of a couple.


  1. Romantic photo session in the studio


This type of shooting is most relevant in winter, but is suitable for any season. Miami has a wide selection of studios with various interiors. Shooting in the studio makes it possible to recreate the atmosphere of a cozy apartment, a chic country house or even a fabulous palace. Such conditions are suitable for life style engagement session, and for thematic photo shoots.


  1. Street style photo shoot for two on the streets of Moscow


To get dynamic and vibrant shots, a lovestory walk along the city streets will suit you. Think ahead to find the most photogenic places. Choose locations where there are no large crowds in order not to spoil photos and not be distracted in front of the photographer’s camera.


  1. Wedding photo shoot


Many couples choose a love story photo shoot for their wedding anniversary photo. This is a great occasion to feel that thrill and excitement again. You can rent a dress and a suit for shooting in order to try on the modern image of the newlyweds.


  1. History of dating


This is one of the most popular stories for the love story photo shoot. You can beat your dating story with the photographer, come up with some funny or original moments to surprise the family and guests of the celebration.


  1. The marriage proposal


This concept of shooting will be a good eyeliner directly to the wedding photo shoot. Many grooms even book a photographer to capture the real moment of the proposal. Your love story will look finished if you show the ending of this touching moment - the bride’s hand with an engagement ring.


The main thing for such a photo shoot is to be natural in front of the camera in order to convey your true feelings through the Miami engagement photographers lens.

Fairytale wedding - childhood memories come true

What girl does not dream of becoming a princess? If this dream has not left you with age, use your wedding to feel like a special royal blood - organize a celebration in the in a magic place  or hold a wedding photo session in it.




Wedding in the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens is a very beautiful and truly fabulous event.

Do you want magic and romance? Do you want your dreams to come true? Want an unforgettable and special wedding? A typical wedding will not surprise anyone. Fairy-tale motifs for the wedding scenario are best remembered and delight the audience.

The most important thing in holding a fabulous wedding is to determine the very special and magical wedding venue

Wedding Planning Should Build Love Between A Couple




A wedding is a sacred way to unite a couple. The important process of wedding planning should build love between a couple. It is much nicer if the planning is done in a way that is comfortable and enjoyable. As some people know, social event planning takes some good coordination skills. Being prepared makes this much simpler and many people can appreciate helpful tips from other couples that have been successful at planning an enjoyable wedding. When planning out the wedding, a couple can focus on being happy and enjoy the process of dreaming together about their choices. Having fun is part of the best way to plan and a smart couple can enjoy each other while coordinating this important event. The love should grow and both people can understand why they are getting married. Take notes and include the love for each other as something you just know.

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Wild Wedding Ideas That Were Never Possible Until Now

Wedding trends have always been exciting. Seeing how people organize, plan, and celebrate their one (hopefully) big day never gets old. Over the years, one of the most interesting things to watch are the ways advances in technology and materials manufacturing make new expressions of the matrimonial moment possible. Here, we’ll cover 10 crazy wedding trends that have never before been possible- not at least without dropping a cool million.

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We love capturing love stories

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When the only thing matters is your love and your love story only. We ahve been shooting engagement images for years and we know all amazing location in aound  Miami are. Check out this engagement photoshot that taken place in Vizcaya Musem and Gardens 

6 Engagement Photo Tips that Will Make Your Shoot Go Smoothly


Getting engaged is one of the most exciting moments in a couple's life. Sharing the experience with loved ones near and far is part of the joy. Some couples want to capture a surprise engagement, other want to have professional studio photos before the wedding to use as gifts or in wedding invitation announcements. Whatever the reason, engagement photo sessions are a very romantic and valuable idea. Years from now you’ll look back at the pictures and cherish every moment. But before you schedule your engagement photo session, here are a few tips for you.




1. Define Your Photo Style.


Every engagement photographer has a unique style, so take your time to research what you like and don’t like. Do you like candid, unposed pictures or dramatically-lit landscape portraits? Do you want simple, everyday photos at your favorite coffee shop or an elegant and timeless shoot in a mansion? Some photographers are versatile, offering many different styles, while others like to shoot one particular style. Determine your style preferences and choose a photographer that matches your tastes.


2. Plan & Prep

Your shoot will go a lot smoother if you start thinking of the shots you want, the location for your shoot, and potential props you'd like to use in advance. It will take time to find the perfect engagement photo session location, a makeup artist, a hairstylist, and a great wardrobe. Do you want to have a playful photo-shoot in the middle of winter or a sultry shoot during the height of summer? Seasonal weather, temperature, time of day and time of year are factors in the success of a photo shoot, so plan accordingly.

3. Strategize & Prioritize

Your engagement photos are a once in a lifetime event. For this reason, couples may want to take a million shots at as many locations as possible. This is fine if your budget can handle a multi-location and multi-day extravaganza shoot, but most of us can't afford such a large shoot. To avoid spending a fortune and still get all the shots you want, strategize and prioritize beforehand. Make a list of what you want to get out of your engagement session. Determine if there are any specific poses, backdrops, or locations you want. Decide if you want to have outfit changes and discuss all of your priorities with your engagement photographer as soon as possible. Together we can create a perfect engagement photo session!

4. Pick a Location

Location, location, and location. I can’t stress enough how important is to pick a location or even multiple locations. Remember that some locations charge for the photo session and others are free. Make sure you budget for this. Here in Miami, we have a wide variety of options. From white-sand beaches, artsy Wynwood, South Beach's Art Deco, glamorous Coral Gables, to urban Brickell and everything in between. If you can't decide on a location, contact your engagement photographer and discuss various options. We shoot a lot and we have many unique ideas that we can customize to your needs.

5. Choose Your Wardrobe

Your wardrobe needs to match your location. High heels and beautiful gowns won’t work well on the beach! After you pick your location it is important to discuss wardrobe options, color themes, and style to compliment the location.

6. Decide on Meaningful Items

I always recommend bringing some meaningful items. Anything that has meaning for the two of you will compliment our session tremendously. Books, balloons, flowers, or pets. Anything that will help tell the story of you as a couple. Meaningful items make photoshoot more creative, fun and exciting!


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